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Making Miniature Dollhouse Furniture

Wouldn't it be fun to have a dollhouse and then furnish it with items that you have made yourself? Some dollhouse lovers simply want to collect and display them, but others want to experience the joy of building a dollhouse themselves and then making miniature dollhouse furniture to match. While there is a wide range of choices for dollhouse furniture in craft shops and even online, it is still a whole lot better to make your own miniature furniture in order to give your dollhouse a more personal touch.

Individuals who are naturally interested in arts and crafts are often the ones who prefer making their own dollhouse furniture. But, even if you are not really the arts and craft kind of person, you shouldn't find much difficulty in making dollhouse furniture. This project does not require specialized skills and its biggest advantage is that you can usually make the miniatures from readily available resources and unused materials right in your own home. You can even turn this project into a memorable bonding activity with your family.

Instructions on making miniature dollhouse furniture can be found easily on the internet. All you have to do is read, understand, and follow the instructions to the letter. Dollhouse furniture can be made in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of the dollhouse itself. The standard scale used in dollhouse furniture making is 1:12. It is important that you make the furniture in the right scale so as not to make it look out-of-place in the dollhouse.

The materials you need in making dollhouse furniture depend on the type of furniture that you want to make. For example, toothpicks can be used as chair legs whereas stir sticks are better for bedposts. In general, though, you will need to have glue, craft knives, miniature drills, fine sandpaper, and paint on hand. Always allow glue to set before you add another piece to whatever furniture you are making. You need to form strong bonds in order to keep the furniture from falling apart easily.

Once a piece of furniture is finished, you may give it a finish by sanding any rough edges and then applying a coat of paint. You will need tiny brushes and paint of good quality. Be sure to mix a little thinner with the paint so as to prevent paint build-up on your dollhouse furniture. When the paint dries, you may apply polyurethane to protect the furniture from wear and tear. If you decide to add accessories to your dollhouse furniture, be sure to pay close attention to details.

A lot of everyday items can easily be transformed into miniature dollhouse furniture as well. One good example is a pizza box support. Notice that little white plastic thing in the middle of a pizza that keeps the box from sticking to the toppings? You can transform that into a miniature table with just a bit of accessorizing. Small hairspray tops can also be used as dollhouse trash cans. If you have small school pictures being kept somewhere, you may take them out and convert them into dollhouse wall decor. These are just some examples, but where dollhouse furniture is concerned, you can really let your creativity run wild!


Collectible Porcelain Doll Buying And Cleaning Guide

Porcelain dolls have been popular for a number of years and are generally produced for home decoration and collection purposes. Most porcelain dolls are mass produced, but a few unique ones are painstakingly hand-made in limited quantities. If doll-collecting is a hobby of yours then you would probably want to get your own collectible porcelain doll. Use the following tips to shop for the perfect porcelain doll.

Decide whether you want to display your porcelain doll as home decor or keep it as part of a larger collection for your own viewing pleasure. If you want to get an antique hand-crafted doll then there are some specific features that you need to take note of. You also have to decide whether you will be getting just one doll or several dolls carrying one theme or period. You may also want to collect a set of porcelain dolls made by the same artist. Popular examples of such dolls are Madame Alexander dolls, Victorian dolls, and Miniature Fairy dolls. Of course, you can expect antique collectible dolls to be pricier than decorative dolls.

To ensure that the collectible porcelain doll you get is of top quality, ask for an expert's opinion and find out what the best antique dolls are. Shop only at reputable antique shops or auction houses and never forget to note the doll-maker's label. Review online auction sites to get an idea of what collectible dolls are considered hot items and how much a buyer paid for them. Bear in mind that there are a lot of antique doll reproductions. These dolls are great for decorating purposes, but they do not have much collectible value. Be careful not to get duped into buying a reproduction for the price of the real thing.

To keep your doll collection looking great, you will have to clean it from time to time. Be sure to clean it properly so as not to cause any damage to the doll. Remove all clothing from the doll and wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some garments may need to be dry-cleaned, so be sure to read the labels carefully. Turn on your blow dryer to a cool setting and then point it towards the doll to remove dust and bits of loose dirt. Dip a piece of clean cloth into cool water then gently rub the doll using a circular motion. Start rubbing at a hidden part like the back of the doll's neck. Check to make sure that no damage is being caused by the cloth.

If the cloth causes no damage, continue the rubbing motion until all parts of the doll is clean. Dampen a cotton swab and then use it to clean small areas around the doll's ears, mouth, and nose, as well as between the doll's fingers. Take note that a collectible porcelain doll that is really old may be prone to cracking. You have to use a very small amount of water on this type of doll in order to prevent damage.


Disney Porcelain Dolls: Great Toys And Collectibles

Usually, as people first consider the idea of starting a collection of porcelain dolls, they think that these dolls have to be antiques and that they are bought for display purposes only. This is most definitely not the only way to enjoy a collection, as even porcelain dolls can be great toys for little girls. If you are planning to buy a doll for your daughter then you may want to consider giving her a few Disney porcelain dolls. Disney characters are among the most popular cartoon characters worldwide, so you can be sure that your daughter will find joy in a Disney doll.

There are all sorts of Disney dolls for you to choose from. There are traditional classics such as the Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters as well as the Prince and Princesses of Disney. These dolls come in several different outfits that your child will surely enjoy. Even supporting Disney characters are given due recognition with items like the Tinker Bell and Fairies dolls. Pre-teens will also have a great time with the collection of Disney Channel dolls such as the Hannah Montana doll that they can dress up in different clothes and adorn with different accessories.

Although they are more popularly known for producing quality animated films and creating memorable cartoon characters, Disney also produces some of the most adorable dolls in the world. What's best is that most of the Disney porcelain dolls are relatively inexpensive. This may be why they are among the best-selling dolls in the market today. And who says only young girls can find joy in these Disney dolls? Adults too, can have fun with Disney dolls because they are also considered as valuable collectibles.

Disney porcelain dolls are, in fact, some of the best and most popular collections of dolls in the world. If you want your Disney doll collection to be unique and truly interesting, you may want to collect the villains rather than the main characters. There are a host of these characters available as porcelain dolls, from the evil stepmother and stepsisters of Cinderella to Captain Hook and the scary Ursula. You will surely find villains and supporting characters an excellent theme for a new porcelain doll collection.

There are also limited edition Disney dolls that many collectors covet. Of course, these dolls come with a much higher price than most Disney dolls, but if you are passionate about collecting dolls then you will certainly appreciate having these dolls in your collection. After all, they are still quite inexpensive as compared to collectible dolls of other brands. Disney dolls can indeed open endless possibilities for doll collectors.

So, whether you are simply looking for the perfect gifts for your little girl, or you want to start building your very own doll collection, it is a good idea to consider Disney porcelain dolls. They are very easy to find, affordable, and so much fun especially with the different accessories that come with it. Doll collecting can indeed be a lot of fun and in several years, when some of your dolls can be considered as collector's items, you can even sell it to other collectors and earn a nice profit. But if you are one who puts much value in memories then you may want to pass on your collection to your daughter or grandchild instead.


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